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How To Set Up A TorGuard Account- TorGuard Setting

Best vpn for iptv

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Now follow the step by step images below


torguard button


picking a price


selecting options


applying Torguard discount code


Choosing to pay


filling out account details

7. If you have an android tv box do the below but if you are using a firestick go to the next section

Setting Up TorGuard VPN on Android

Ok that’s it you now have TorGuard so you can use your username which is your email and the password you set up when you signed up.

Now check the section below on how to set it up on your firestick

How To Install TorGuard VPN To Your Firestick

Ok so for those with a firestick or fire tv you will need to do this

First what you need to do is press the home button on your remote then press left to go to the little magnifying glass on the left hand side now type in the word “Downloader” and you will see it below where you are typing just click on it and you will be taken to the Downloader app it has a big orange icon.

Now click on it and click ok again to download and install it so you will see a picture like this once installed

Installing the downloader app

Now press ok to open the app and then once inside the app you will see it say Enter the URL of the website …… so you just want to put this web address https://www.strongiptvlab.com/vpn so now your screen should look like the below

entering web-address to download iptv app

If it does just click on the Go at the bottom and it will start downloading the app then will take you to a new screen the same as below just press down and go across to install and press ok

Now, wait 4 minutes while the VPN app installs on your firestick or fire tv. Go and let the dog out for some fresh air?? 

Once it has downloaded you will want to click on install and then you will want to click on open then once the app opens you just need to scroll down and then click next.

Now its time to listen up so if you have any kids lock them outside same goes for any pets as you will need to follow this carefully.

First, you will want to click on TorGuard Settings and click on Auto connect on boot and Auto login on connect so both are ticked also midway down the page make sure you tick LAN bypass.

Now scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see Server: Add dedicated IP Addresses so click on it and then click on Add Dedicated IP.

You will see country so click it and choose the UK and go down to IP Addresses and put in your streaming IP which you will find need to contact Torguard by going on their website and hitting the chat bubble and asking them for it or leaving them a message through the chat bubble they are very quick at answering. Once you have it off them enter it in IP Address back on the firestick.

New dedicated IP VPN torguard

Make sure to enter your dedicated IP address in correctly with the full stops in between some numbers then press on the next part and then press back on your firestick remote.

You can put anything you want in the comment such as Strong IPTV.

Now click on OK and you will see the dedicated VPN IP at the top of the screen so press back twice on the firestick remote to get back to the Torguard home screen.

Now just above where it says protocol you will see a county flag press ok on it and you will see many countries you just need to scroll right to the top of all the countries where it says United Kingdon and then press ok on it you will know its the right one as it will have 9 little circles next to its name.

Once you have press OK on it you will be taken back to the TorGuard home screen you just need to go where it says Cipher and press OK and choose AES-128-CBC then press OK.

Now go down to Connect and press ok on it and it will now ask you for your username and password you picked when you signed up to TorGuard so enter it them in then check the checkbox that says Remember Credentials then go down to Login and the green tick and press ok on it.

You will now see in the top corner after 30 seconds it will say connected and that’s it done you can press the home button on the remote to go to the Amazon home screen.

You never need to go in the app as the VPN will always stay on now even when you turn your firestick off and back on.

Make sure to share this to any friends who are having the same issues with the IPTV block.

Talk about putting the work in you have done great if you have reached this point without swearing your head of or throwing around the remote in fits of rage well done and enjoy the IPTV now and other apps. This will stop virgin media blocking the IPTV or any isp blocking VPN so you can watch your IPTV without any issues.

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