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What Is The Best VPN For IPTV Block

VPN for iptv

Ok as you may well be aware the Top 7 internet providers in the UK are actively blocking many IPTV providers when there is live football on and now PPV boxing and soon will probably be other sports as well. So we bring you a guide on which VPN is the best to use for the IPTV block. This will be the best VPN for IPTV.

If you don’t have IPTV at the minute then you suggest you kick yourself into gear and hurry up and buy the best IPTV from us now you can follow this guide HERE on how to install our own IPTV app to your device.

So the prem league and sky took notice and made 6 other big internet providers join them while they block most IPTV providers streams and counting when there is football on and UEFA football.

This is quite new and is around 2 years old the IPTV block. So if you are with 1 of these 7 providers your best bet is to use the VPN provider we mention below for no issues or to change provider to not one mentioned below.

The internet providers who are actively blocking IPTV channels are:

  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • EE
  • Vodaphone
  • Plusnet

This is quite new and is around 2 years old the IPTV block.

So that’s a quick overview of the history of the block.

What VPN Should I Use

Now here is the problem the ISP’s have started to block parts of some VPN’s, such as pureVPN, nordVPN, IPVanish and many more. They manage to do this as they run off shared IP addresses and servers so ISP can block a whole range of IP addresses so it can be hit and miss with these VPN providers whether you get a live stream once the football kicks off.

Now we are not saying they don’t work but we have seen a rise in people having issues with the VPN providers mentioned above due to some of their IP ranges being blocked.

So we strongly recommend going with a VPN provider who uses a dedicated IP which will get around this issue. So we recommend using TorGuard and if you CLICK HERE and use our code IPTVBLOCK50 you can get a LIFETIME DISCOUNT of 50% OFF. TThis is the best vpn for iptv.

If you don’t use our code it will work out around $18 as you get a VPN and a special dedicated streaming IP but with our code you get 50% OFF for life meaning it takes it down to $9 which is a bargain considering the other VPN Provider do not offer a special dedicated streaming IP and charge the same prices.

Now with that being said let’s show you how to set it up on your firestick/Android device as most of you will be using these devices for IPTV.

If you are using a mag box or just a smart TV you will need to use a VPN router instead which you can pick one up at liberty shield.

To read more that How To Set Up A TorGuard Account Click Here

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